Saturday May 20th 2017 Apex Field House, 5724 Oak St., Arvada, CO

Registration Opens: 05/09/2017 12:00 PM
Registration Closes: 05/18/2017 10:00 PM*

Saturday's AWI Qualifier will now take place at the APEX FIELD HOUSE in Arvada.
5724 Oak St.
This is an INDOOR arena. So we will be dry!!
Registration opens at 8am. Players Meeting at 9am. Event start at 9:30am.

AS this is an indoor field, on artificial turf, please plan to bring a crate for your dog. Bring something to cover your crate, bring a tarp or something to put on the floor under you dog. And a chair. And water.
Please assume no food or drink on the turf. There are places to potty your dog outside the field house, do this often!

On Saturday May 20nd the Colorado Ashley Whippet Invitational Qualifier will take place.  AWI qualifying spots are on the line and Colorado teams will earn points in the state championship series

In addition to the usual Freestyle Division and the Cash & Catch TC Division, the AWI is now offering a Rec Toss & Catch division and a Rec Freestyle Division. Colorado teams that enter in the Rec TC will earn points towards the CDD Intermediate Division. No Club points are being offered for the Rec(CDD-Intermediate) Freestyle Division.

Colorado Teams - please note that there is no "Dual" division for this event. You must register seperatley for each the Freestyle and the Cash-n-Catch to play in both.

Complete rules and details can be found on the AWI website

On line registration beginning Saturday 5/6/2017 at 12:00 AM.

The winner of the Cash & Catch (T&C) division will win a cut of the entry fees!!!

The CDD will also be offering Novice Toss and Catch Division. This division is not an AWI qualifying division and are not eligible for cash & catch prizes. Awards will be presented to the top finishing teams.


Division Fee
Freestyle 20.00
Cash and Catch (CDD Adv) 20.00
CDD Novice 15.00
Rec Toss and Catch (CDD Intermediate) 15.00
Rec Freestyle 15.00
Youth 15.00