CDD Demo Team

We have appeared on NBC, ESPN, ESPN2, USA Network, Animal Planet, TBS, and other national and local networks. Our demo teams have performed at NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, NCAA, and NLL halftimes. The Colorado Disc Dogs also donate a considerable amount of time each year supporting local and national charities and humane organizations.

Colorado Disc Dogs. Fly high and land softly.

The Colorado Disc Dogs club started in 1994 and gives Frisbee dog enthusiasts a chance to gather as a group and ply our hobby. We get together at least once a month during the season, exchanging ideas, tips, stories, and information about the sport, as well as practicing with our dogs in a fun, comfortable atmosphere.

Competitions and the Colorado Cup.

We also run competitions, playdays and training seminars each year so that Colorado dog owners can enjoy the fun and benefits that playing with a Frisbee dog can bring. Among our ranks are World Champions, Regional and World Finalists, National Champions, National Distance Champions, the Colorado State Champion, and many others.